on fire safety, prevention and suppression and evaluate implementation thereof;
develop programs on the professionalization of the fire service; coordinate with
appropriate government and private institutions for the offering of college courses
on fire technology and fire protection engineering; propose amendments to the Fire
Code; advise the Director General on any matter brought to his attention; and
perform such other functions as directed on any matter brought to his attention and
perform such other functions as directed by higher authorities.  

Section 8.  Inspections, Safety Measures, Fire Safety, Constructions, and Protective
and/or Warning Systems.  As may be defined and provided in the Rules and
Regulations, owners, administrators or occupants of buildings, structures and their
premises or facilities and other responsible persons shall be required to comply
with the following, as may be appropriate:

a.  Inspection Requirement A fire safety inspection shall be conducted by the
Director General or his duly authorized representative as prerequisite to the grants
of permits and/or licenses by local governments and other government agencies
concerned, for the:

(1) Use or occupancy of buildings, structures, facilities or their premises including
the installation or fire protection and fire safety equipment, and electrical system in
any building structure or facility;

(2) Storage, handling and/or use of explosives or of combustible, flammable, toxic
and other hazardous materials;

b.  Safety Measures for Hazardous Materials Fire safety measures shall be required
for the manufacture, storage, handling and/or use of hazardous materials involving:

(1) Cellulose nitrate plastic of any kind;

(2) Combustible fibers;

(3) Cellular materials such as foam, rubber, sponge rubber and plastic foam;

(4) Flammable and combustible liquids or gases of any classification;

(5) Flammable paints, varnishes, stains and organic coatings;

(6) High-piled or widely spread combustible stock;

(7) Metallic magnesium in any form;

(8) Corrosive liquids, oxidizing materials, organic peroxide, nitromethane,
ammonium nitrate, or any amount of highly toxic, pyrophoric, hypergolic, or
cryogenic materials or poisonous gases as well as material compounds which when
exposed to heat or flame become a fire conductor, or generate excessive smoke or
toxic gases;

(9) Blasting agents, explosives and special industrial explosive materials, blasting
caps, black powder, liquid nitro-glycerine, dynamite, nitro cellulose, fulminates of
any kind, and plastic explosives containing ammonium salt or chlorate;

(10) Fireworks materials of any kind or form;

(11) Matches in commercial quantities;

(12) Hot ashes, live coals and embers;

(13) Mineral, vegetable or animal oils and other derivatives/by products;

(14) Combustible waste materials for recycling or resale;

(15) Explosive dusts and vapors; and

(16) Agriculture, forest, marine or mineral products which may undergo spontaneous

c.  Safety measures for hazardous operation/processes Fire Safety measures shall be
required for the following hazardous operation/processes:

(1) Welding or soldering;

(2) Industrial baking and drying;

(3) Waste disposal;

(4) Pressurized/forced-draft burning equipment;
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