(i) Giving false or malicious fire alarms;

(j) Smoking in prohibited areas as may be determined by Fire Service, or throwing of
cigars, cigarettes,
(k) Abandoning or leaving a building or structure by the occupant or owner without
appropriate safety measures;

(l) Removing.  destroying, tampering or obliterating any authorized mark, seal, sign
or tag posted or required by the Fire Service for fire safety in any building, structure
or processing equipment; and

(m) Use of jumpers or tampering with electrical wiring or overloading the electrical
system beyond its designated capacity or such other practices that would tend to
undermine the fire safety features of the electrical system.  

Section 10.  Abatement of Fire Hazard.  Fire hazards shall be abated immediately.  
For this purpose, the Director General or his duly authorized representative may
issue order for such abatement.  If the owner, administrator or occupant of buildings,
structure and their premises or facilities does not abate the same within the period
fixed in said order, the occupancy permit or permit to operate shall be canceled.  Any
building or structure declared as a firetrap or is causing clear and present fire danger
to adjoining establishments and habitations shall be declared a public nuisance, as
defined in the Civil Code of the Philippines.  If the assessed value of the building or
structure is not more than twenty thousand (P 20,000.00) pesos, the owner,
administrator or occupant thereof shall abate the hazard within thirty (30 days or if
the assessed value is more than twenty thousand (P 20,000.00) pesos, within sixty
(60) days from receipt of the order declaring said building or structure a public
nuisance; otherwise, the Director General or his duly authorized representative shall
forthwith cause its summary abatement.  Summary abatement as used herein shall
mean all corrective measures undertaken to abate hazards which shall include but not
limited to remodeling, repairing, strengthening, reconstructing, removal and

demolition, either partial or total, of the building or structure.  The expenses incurred
by the government for such summary abatement shall be borne by the owner,
administrator or occupant.  These expenses shall constitute a prior lien upon such

Section 11.  Enforcement of The Lien.  If the owner, administrator or occupant fails
to reimburse the government of the expenses incurred in the summary abatement
within ninety (90) days from the completion of such abatement, the building or
structure shall be sold at public auction in accordance with existing laws and rules.  
No property subject of lien under Section 10 hereof, may be sold at a price lower
than the abatement expenses incurred by the government.  The property shall be
forfeited in favor of the government if the highest bid is not at least equal to the
abatement expenses.

Section 12.  Penalties.  

(a) ADMINISTRATIVE FINE Any person who violates any provision of the Fire
Code or any of the rules and regulations promulgated under Section 6 hereof shall be
penalized by an administrative fine of not exceeding twelve thousand (P 12,000.00)
pesos or in the proper case, by stoppage of operations or by closure of such
buildings, structures and their premises or facilities which do not comply with the
requirements or by both such administrative fine and closure/stoppage of operation to
be imposed by the Director General, Provided, That the payment of the fine, stoppage
of operations and/or closure of such buildings, structures, and their premises or
facilities shall not absolve the violator from correcting the deficiency or abating the
fire hazard.  The decision of the Director General, under this subsection, may be
appealed to the Secretary of National Defense, within fifteen (15) days from the date
of receipt of the order imposing the administrative fine, stopping the operations
and/or closure.  The decision of the Secretary of National Defense shall be final and

(b) PUNITIVE In case of willful failure to correct the deficiency or abate the fire
hazard as provided in the preceding subsection, the violator shall, upon conviction,
be punished by imprisonment of not less than six (6) months nor more than six (6)
years, or by a fine of not more than twenty thousand (P 20,000.00) pesos or both such
fine and imprisonment; Provided, however, that

in case of a corporation, firm, partnership or association, the fine and/or
imprisonment shall be imposed upon its officials responsible for such violation, and
in case the guilty party is an alien, in addition to the penalties herein prescribed, he
shall immediately be deported; Provided, finally, that were the violation is attended
by loss of life and/or damage to property, the violator shall be proceeded against
under the applicable provisions of the Revised Penal Code.

Section 13.  Appropriation and Sources of Income.

(a) To support the manpower, infrastructure and equipment needs of the Fire Service
of the Integrated National Police, the sum of one hundred million (P 100,000,000.00)
pesos is hereby appropriated.  Thereafter, the same of such amount as may be
necessary to attain the objectives of the Fire Code shall be appropriated and included
in the annual appropriation of the Integrated National Police for the next ten (10)

(b) To partially provide for the funding of the Fire Service the following taxes and
fees which shall accrue to the General Fund of the National Government, are hereby

(1) Fees to be charged for the issuance of certificates, permits and licenses as
provided for in Section 8 (a) hereof;

(2) One-tenth of one per centum (0.1%) of the verified estimated value of buildings
or structures to be erected, from the owner thereof, but not to exceed fifty thousand (P
50,000.00) pesos, one half to be paid prior to the issuance of the building permit, and
the balance, after final inspection and prior to the issuance of the use and occupancy

(3) One-hundredth of one per centum (0.10%) of the assessed value of buildings or
structures annually payable upon payment of the real estate tax, except on structures
used as single family dwellings;
Office Address :
819 Antonio
Maceda St
  Sampaloc, Manila
Office Address :
819 Antonio
Maceda St
  Sampaloc, Manila