Sec. 26. Handling of Washed Utensils. -

a. Washed utensils shall be allowed to drain dry in wire racks without use of drying cloths, or shall be stored in self-draining position to permit ready air-drying.

b. The drying cloth on which to store dishes and utensils temporarily after bactericidal treatment should be clean and changed frequently.

Sec. 27. Storage of Washed Utensils. -

a. They shall be stored in a clean and dry place protected against vermin and other sources of contamination.

b. Cups, bowls, and glasses, shall be inverted for storage.

c. When not stored in closed cupboards or lockers, utensils and containers shall be covered or invented whenever practicable. Utensils shall not be stored on the
bottom shelves of open cabinets below the working top level.

d. Racks, trays and shelves shall be made of materials that are impervious, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, smooth, durable and resistant to chipping.

e. Drawers shall be made of the same materials and kept clean. Felt-line drawers are not acceptable, but the use of clean and removable towels for lining drawers
is acceptable.

Sec. 28. Dry Storage of Non-Perishable Foods.- Non-perishable foods shall be stored in the following manner:

a. Designated spaces, lockers, cupboards, racks, shelves and containers shall be used for storage.

b. All spaces, lockers and cupboard shall be constructed of materials of the same quality as used for food-preparation and food-serving operations. Containers
shall be made metal fitted with tight covers.

c. The recommended temperature range for dry stores is 50- 60°F (10-15°C) except where dry foods for immediate use are stored in the preparation and servicing

Sec. 29. Refrigerated Storage of Perishable Foods. - Perishable foods shall be stored in the following manner:

a. They shall be kept at or below 45°F (7°C) except during preparation or when held for immediate serving after preparation.

b. When such food s are to be stored for extended periods, a temperature of 40°F (4°C) is recommended.

c. Fruits and vegetables shall be stored in cool rooms.

d. Recommended temperatures for perishable food storage are:

1. Frozen foods; not more than 10°F (2°C)

2. Meat and fish: 32-38°F (O-3°C)

3. Milk and milk products: 40-45°F (5-7°C)

4. Fruits and vegetables: 44-50°F (7-10°C)

e. All refrigerating compartments and refrigerators must be kept clean, in good repair and free from odors. They shall be provided with thermometers with scale
divisions not larger than 32°F (1°C). Sufficient shelving shall be provided to prevent stocking and to permit adequate ventilation and cleaning.

Sec. 30. Food Servicing Operations. - These operations should be in accordance with the following requirements:

a. Hand contacts with food or drink shall be avoided; fingers shall not be used to serve butter, ice, or similar items or food. Sugar shall be served in covered
dispensers or containers, or in packages wrapped for single service.

b. The surfaces of containers and utensils, including glasses and tablewares, which come in contact with food and drink shall not be handled.

c. Disposable cups, plates, spoons and other single-service containers and utensils shall be purchased in sanitary cartons and stored in a clean, dry place until
used. These articles shall be so handled on removal from the carton that the hand does not touch the surface which will be in contact with food or drink.

d. Clean cloths, napkins, spoons, towels and other cloth equipment shall be stored in clean places designated specially for them. Soiled linens, including towels,
aprons, and coats, shall be stored in a closed bin or locker, suitably marked.

e. Spoons, spatulas, dippers and scoops used intermittently for disposing frozen desserts shall be kept in running water or in water maintained at 170°F (77°C)
and frequently changed, or they may be washed and stored in a dry place after each use. Constant-temperature bottles and other containers used for potable water
and other beverages shall be kept clean and given effective bactericidal treatment before and after subsequent use.
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