CHAPTER XIV - Hotels, Motels and Apartments, Lodging, Boarding, or Tenement Houses, and Condominiums.

Sec. 63. Definition of Terms. - As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall mean:

a. Hotel - A building where transient guests are received and are supplied with and charged for meals, lodging and other services.

b. Motel - A roadside hotel for motorists, usually consisting of private cabins.

c. Boarding House- A building where selected persons for fixed periods of time are supplied with, and charged for sleeping accommodations and meals.

d. Lodging House - A building where persons are supplied with and charged for sleeping accomodotations only.

e. Tenement House - A building or portion thereof which is leased or sold to an occupant as residence by four or more families doing their cooking within the
premises but living independently of one another although having a common right in the use of halls, stairways, terraces, verandas, toilets and baths.

f. Apartment House - A building containing a number of separate residential suites.

g. Condominium - A building with one or more storeys composed of multi-unit residential suites under joint ownership of occupants each unit provided with
complete sanitary facilities, utilities and other amenities.

h. Establishments - A collective term construed to include terms (a) to (g).

Sec. 64. General Provisions. - The following are required for the establishments defined in the preceding Section:

a. No establishment shall be operated and opened for public patronage without a sanitary permit issued by the Secretary or his duly authorized representative.

b. Any extension or additional construction in an establishment shall require a sanitary permit before it could be operated.

c. All establishment shall provide their patrons with adequate water supply, toilet and bath facilities in accordance with standards prescribed in this Code.

d. Establishments and their premises shall be kept clean and sanitary at all times.

e. Periodic insect and vermin control measures shall be undertaken to eradicate vectors of diseases.

f. Animals, fowls and pets shall be housed in appropriate kennels or cages separate from living quarters.

g. No person shall be employed in establishments without first procuring a health certificate from the local health authority,

Sec. 65. Special Provisions. - The following provisions are applicable.

a. Hotels and Motels -

1. The storage, preparation and serving of food to customers shall be in accordance with the standards prescribed in Chapter III of this Code.

2. Customers shall be provided with clean linen such as bedsheets, pillow cases, towels and napkins.

3. When rooms or cabin are vacated, their toilets or baths shall sanitized and clean and fresh linen shall be provided before the room or cabin is rented for

b. Condominium - the following conditions are applicable:

1. the choice for sites should consider availability of bus and taxi transportation services.

2. Nearness to place of work, schools,police stations and clinics.

3. Availability of low-cost goods.

4. Parking facilities and playgrounds for children.

5. Facilities for refuse disposal and cleanliness of buildings, and

6. Efficiency of lifts.

CHAPTER XV - Port, Airport, Vessel and Aircraft Sanitation

Sec. 66. Port and Airport Sanitation. - In ports and airports, the following sanitary requirements shall be applied:

a. Every port and airport shall be provided with potable drinking water and wholesome food supplied from sources approved by the Secretary or his duly authorized

b. The drinking water and food shall be stored and handled in a manner to ensure their protection against contamination. The local health authority shall conduct
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