periodic inspections of equipment, installations and premises, and collect regularly samples of water and food for laboratory examination to determine if they are fit
for human consumption.

c. There shall be available to as many ports and airports as practicable organized medical and health services with adequate staff, equipment and facilities for the
prompt isolation and care of infected persons, disinfection, disinfecting, deratting, laboratory examination of rodents for plague infection, collection of water and
food samples for examination.

d. the local health authority for each port and airport shall take all practicable measures to keep port and airport installation free of rodents.

e. In ports and airports of entry, facilities shall be provided for immunizations required in international travel.

f. Every port of entry and the area within the perimeter of an airport of entry shall be kept free from mosquito vectors of yellow fever, malaria and other diseases of
epideniological significance.

Sec. 67. Bessel Sanitation. - For the purpose of this Section, the provisions of Art.II of the Quarantine Regulations promulgated under Section 5 of Republic Act No.
123 shall be applied and enforced.

Sec. 68. Aircraft Sanitation. - For the purpose of this Section, the requirements in the Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation of the World Health Organization
are adopted as part of this code.

CHAPTER XVI - Vermin Control

Sec. 69. Definition of Terms. - As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall mean:

a. Place - Land, building, residence, pier, watercraft, aircraft or any means of conveyance.

b. Vermin - A group of insects or small animals such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, lice, bedbugs, mice and rats which are vectors of diseases.

Sec. 70. General Requirements. -

a. A vermin abatement program shall be maintained in places by their owners, operators or administrators. If they fail, neglect or refuse to maintain a vermin
abatement program, the local health agency will undertake the work at their expense.

b. Vermin control in public places shall be the responsibility of the provincial, city or municipal governments which have jurisdiction over them.

c. The procedure and frequency of vermin abatement program shall be determined and approved by the local health authority.

CHAPTER XVII - Sewage Collection and Disposal, Excreta Disposal and Drainage.

Sec. 71. Definition of Terms. - As used in this chapter the following terms shall mean:

a. Public sewerage system - A system serving twenty five persons or more.

b. Septic tank - A water tight receptacle which receives the discharge of a plumbing system or part thereof, and is designed to accomplish the partial removal and
digestion of the suspended solid matter in the sewage through a period of detention. Its construction shall be in accordance with specifications prescribed in this

c. House sewer - The pipe line conveying sewage from the house or building to the septic tank or to any point of discharge.

d. Septic tank absorption bed or drain field - an underground system or pipes leading from the outlet of the septic tank, consisting of open jointed or perforated
pipes so distributed that the effluent from a septic tank is exidized and absorbed by the soil.

e. Effective capacity of a septic tank - The actual liquid capacity of a septic tank as contained below the liquid level line of the tank.

f. Effective depth of a septic tank - The actual liquid depth of a septic tank as measured from the inside bottom of the septic tank to the liquid level line.

g. Freeboard or air space of a septic tank - The distance as measured from the liquid level line to the inside top of the septic tank.

h. Distribution box - A small concrete receptacle between the septic tank and the drain field from which lines of drain tile extends and which acts as surge tank to
distribute the flow of sewage equally to each line of drain tile.

i. Approved excreta disposal facilities shall mean any of the following:

1. Flush toilets properly connected to a community sewer;
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