a. Nuisance - Anything that injures health, endangers life, offends the senses or produces discomfort to the community.

b. Offensive trades or occupations - These are the following:

1. Soap boiling

2. Guts cleaning

3. Boiling of offal, bones, fat or lard;

Permissible if process is performed in a public slaughter house under prescribed regulations.

4. Manufacturing or glue or fertilizer;

5. Skin Curing

6. Scrap processing

7. Manure storing

8. Lime burning

9. Lye making; and

10. Any manufacturing process in which lead, arsenic, mercury, phosphorous, or other poisonous substance is used.

Sec. 85. Types of Nuisances. - For the purpose of this Chapter, the following shall be considered nuisances:

a. Public or private premises maintained and used in a manner injurious to health;

b. Breeding places and harborages of vermin;

c. Animals and their carcasses which are injurious to health;

d. Accumulation of refuse;

e. Noxious matter or waste water discharged improperly in streets;

f. Animals stockage maintained in a manner injurious to health;

g. Excessive noise; and

h. Illegal shanties in public or private properties.

The use of such chemicals permissible in the practice of pharmacy and in printing where ready made lead types are used.

Sec. 86. Responsibilities of Owners, managers or Operators. - The owners, managers or operators of establishments shall:

a. Secure a sanitary permit from the local health authority before establishing and operating their business or trade;

b. Remove daily all injurious by-products and wastes;

c. Prevent the escape of industrial impurities and adopt methods to render them innocuous;

d. Maintain working establishments and their premises clean and sanitary at all times;

e. Store all materials properly to prevent emission of noxious or injurious effluvia.

CHAPTER XX - Pollution of the Environment

Sec. 87. General Provisions. - For the purpose of this Chapter, the provisions of Republic Act No. 3931, the rules and regulations of the National Water and Air
Pollution Control Commission promulgated in accordance with the provisions of Section 6 (a) 2 of the said Act, the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 430 and
the rules and regulations of the Radiation Health Office of the Department of Health shall be applied and enforced.

Sec. 88. Authority of the Secretary. - The Secretary is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations for the control and prevention of the following types of pollution:

a. Pollution of pesticides and heavy metals;

b. Pollution of food caused by chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials, and excessive or improper use of food additives;

c. Non-ionizing radiation caused by electronic products such as laser beams or microwaves;

d. Noise pollution caused by industry, land and air transports and building construction;

e. Biological pollutants including the causative agents of intestinal infections;
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