c. Disinterment of remains covered in paragraphs "a" and "b" of this Section may be
permitted within a shorter time than that prescribed in special cases, subject to the approval of the Regional Director concerned of his duly authorized

d. In all cases of disinterment, the remains shall be disinfected and places in a durable and sealed container prior to their final disposal.

SEC. 93. Funeral and Embalming Establishments. - These establishments are subject to the following requirements:

a. Scope of inclusion - For the purposes of this Section, requirements prescribed  herein shall be applied and enforced to funeral chapels, embalming
establishments and morgues.

b. Sanitary permit - No establishment mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be
operated without a sanitary permit issued by the Secretary or his duly authorized representative. This permit shall be revoked in case of any violation of the provision
of this chapter and the rules and regulations promulgated by the Secretary.

c. Classification - Funeral establishment shall be classified in three (3) categories which are described as follows:

1. Category I - Establishments with chapel, and embalming facilities and offering funeral services.

2. Category II - Establishments with chapels and offering funeral services but without embalming facilities.

3. category III - Establishments offering only funeral services from the house of the deceased to the burial ground.

d. Sanitary requirements for funeral chapels- the requirements prescribed for places of public assembly in this Code shall be applied.
For embalming and dressing rooms -

1. They should be constructed of concrete or semi-concrete materials with sufficient space to accommodate five bodies at one time.

2. The floors and walls shall be made of concrete or other durable impervious materials.

3. ventilation and lighting should be adequately provided.

4. Embalming shall be performed on a table made of a single marble slab or other
equally impervious materials. It shall be so constructed that all washings and body fluids shall flow to a drain connected to the waste piping system of the building.

5. Embalming and assistants shall use rubber gloves when working.

6. Washing facilities with soaps, detergents and germicidal solutions shall be provided for use of the working personnel.

SEC. 94. Licensing and Registration Procedures. - the licensing and registration of undertakers and embalmers are subject to the following requirements:

a. Issuance of license to practice -

1. Any person who desires to practice undertaking or embalming shall be licensed to practice only after passing examination conducted by the Department.

2. Licensed undertakers or embalmers shall practice undertaking or embalming in accordance with requirements prescribed by the Departments.

3. Licensed undertakers or embalmers shall display their licenses conspicuously in the establishments where they work.

b. Issuance of certificates or registration -

1. An undertaker or embalmer shall apply annually for a registration certificates and pay an annul registration fee of twenty-five pesos to the Regional Health Office

2. The first registration certificate issued shall cover the period from the date of issuance to the last day of the current year. Subsequent certificate shall expire  
December 31 of the year.

3. Certificates of registration shall be posed conspicuously in establishments concerned.

c. Exemption - Government and private physicians may perform embalming without license and registration certificates as exigencies require.

Sec. 95. Autopsy and Dissection of Remains. - The autopsy and dissection of remains are subject to the following requirements:

a. Person authorized to perform these are:

1. Health officers;
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