Sec. 17. Structural Requirements. - Food establishments shall be constructed in accordance with the following requirements:

1. No person shall use any room or place for or in connection with the preparation, storage, handling or sale of any article of food

a. Which is at anytime used or in direct communication with a sleeping apartment or toilet.

b. In which any animal is kept; or

c. which is or has been used for any purpose which would be likely to contaminate the food or to affect injuriously its wholesomeness or cleanliness; or

d. Which is not used exclusively for the purpose: Provided, that in department stores or multi-purpose business establishments, food may be manufactured,
prepared, cooked, stored, or sold only in the area set aside exclusively for said purpose and for which a sanitary permit has been issued.

2. No sanitary permit shall be issued for any premises to be used for the preparation, handling and sale of food unless it is constructed in accordance with the
following requirements:

a. Floors - The Floors shall be-

i. Constructed of concrete or other impervious and easily cleaned material that is resistant to wear and corrosion and shall be adequately graded and drained;
All angles between the floors and walls shall be rounded off to a height of not less than 3 inches (7.62 cm.) from the floor; or

ii. Constructed or wood with dovetailed or tongue and grooved floor boards laid on a firm foundation and tightly clamped together with all angles between the floor
and walls rounded off to height of 3 inches (7.62 cm.); or

iii. Constructed in accordance with the requirements of sub-clause i. and ii. of this clause and covered with linoleum, smooth surfaced rubber or similar material
fixed to the floor with cement or suitable adhesive: Provided, That with the approval in writing of the local authority, floors may be covered with carpets or other floor
covering in those parts of the premises where such carpets or coverings can be satisfactorily cleaned and maintained.

b. Walls

i. The internal surface of walls shall have a smooth, even, non-absorbent surface capable of being readily cleaned without damage to the surface and constructed
of dust-proof materials;

ii. The walls, where subject to wetting or splashing, shall be constructed of impervious, non-absorbent materials to a height of not less than 79 inches (2 meters)
from the floor.

iii. The internal walls shall be painted in light colors or treated with such other wall finish as the health authority may prescribed.

c. Ceilings

i. All ceilings or, if no ceiling is provided, the entire under-surface of the roof shall be dust-proof and washable.

ii. The ceiling or under-surface of the roof of rooms in which food is prepared or packed or in which utensils or hands are washed shall be smooth, non-absorbent
and light coloured.

d. Lighting

i. The general standards of illumination provided shall permit effective inspection and cleaning and shall be sufficient intensity appropriate to the purpose for which
any room or place is used;

ii. In rooms where food is prepared or packed or in which utensils or hands are hands are washed there shall be a minimum illumination intensity of 20-foot
candles; in premises where food is consumed, there shall be a minimum illumination intensity of 5-foot candles. Intensities of illumination shall be measured at a
point 30 inches (76.20 cm.) above the floor;

iii. All lightning shall be reasonably free from glare and distributed so as to avoid shadows;

iv. At other areas or working surfaces, the illumination shall be of such intensity as may be required by the health authority.

e. Ventilation

i. Ventilation shall be provided which shall be effective and suitable to maintain comfortable condition;

ii. The ventilation shall be adequate to prevent the air from becoming excessively heated, prevent condensation and the formation of excess moisture on walls,
ceilings and for the removal of objectionable odors, fumes and impurities;

iii. In the absence of effective natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation with airflow from a clean area, and discharging in such manner as not to create a nuisance,
shall be provided;

iv. Canopies, air ducts, fans or other appliances shall be provided as required by the health authority in particular circumstances;
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