v. Effective provision shall be made for securing and maintaining a reasonable temperature;

f. Overcrowding - There shall be sufficient floor space to enable every person working thereon to carry out his duties efficiently and to permit easy access for
cleaning. Working spaces, aisles or passageways and areas to which customers have access shall unobstructed and sufficient to permit movement of employees
and customers without contamination of food by clothing or personal contact.

g. Changerooms

i. There shall be provided adequate and suitable lockers or other facilities for the orderly storage of clothing and personal belongings of employees or persons
engaged or employed in the premises. Such facilities shall be so situated and arranged so that there is no contamination of food by contact with clothing, and
where the number of persons engaged or employed is four or more of either sex, there shall be provided separate changing rooms for each sex.

ii. If required in writing by the local health authority an additional wash-hand basin shall be installed as near as practicable to the toilet facilities; Provided, That
wash-hand basins specified in this Code need not be installed in premises where only food in sealed containers is sold: and, Provided, further, That wash-hand
basins specified in this regulation shall be installed under specifications of the National Plumbing Code of the Philippines.

h. Wash-hand Basin Maintenance

i. An adequate supply of soap, clean towels, roller towels presenting a clean surface to each user from a continuous roller towel dispenser or other hand drying
services approved by health authorities.

ii. The wash-hand basin and all hand washing facilities shall, at all times, be maintained in good repair and in a clean condition.

iii. All wash-hand basins shall, at all times, while the premises are being used, be supplied with hot and cold or tempered running water at a minimum
temperature of 100°F (37.8°C).

Sec. 18. Use of Food-Service Spaces. -

a. Food-service spaces shall not be used as living or sleeping quarters.

b. Clothing or personal effects shall be kept in lockers or in designated places away from food service spaces.

c. No animal or live fowls shall be allowed in such spaces.

d. Persons not directly connected with food preparation and serving shall not be allowed to stay in food-serving spaces.

e. Foods in storage or in preparation must not be handled by anyone other than the preparation and serving staff.

SEC. 19. Food Handlers. -

a. No person shall be employed in any food establishments without health certificate issued by the local health authority.

b. Food handlers shall at all times:

i. Wear clean working garments. The Cook shall wear prescribed caps and female employees caps or hairnets.

ii. Observe food personal hygiene.

iii. Wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them with a clean or disposable towel or a suitable hand-drying device immediately before working, or
after visiting the toilet.

Sec. 20. Vermin Control. -

Vermin - A group of insects or small animals such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, lice, bedbugs, mice and rats which are vectors of diseases.

a. Spaces where food and drinks are stored, prepared and served shall be so constructed and maintained as to exclude vermin.

b. All opening which connects spaces to the outer air shall be effectively protected with screen of non-corrosive wire 16-mesh or finer. Door screens shall be

c. A vermin abatement program shall be maintained in the establishments by their owners, operators, or administrators. If they fail, neglect or refuse to maintain a
vermin abatement programs, the local health agency will undertake the work at their expense.

d. During deratting or disinfecting operations, all food stuffs, utensils, food preparation and cleaning equipment shall be covered to protect them from toxic
chemical substances.

e. Vermin control in public places shall be the responsibility of the provincial, city or municipal governments which have jurisdiction over them.
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